My name is Hope. I am a yoga teacher and a letterpress printer. I came to yoga in the early 2000's as a way to cope with anxiety.  My practice was inconsistent, as I moved to different cities, jobs, minor illness and injury. In 2008, while in my 30's I decided to go to school for printmaking as an undergraduate. In a new city, away from friends, I returned to yoga realizing that a practice did not rely on schedules and feeling 100% fit but my willingness to practice. I began practicing at home when I could not make it to the studio, and using any illness or injury as something to inform my practice rather than avoid it. I began to understand the the ability to do all of the poses in any given class was not the goal, but rather to practice consistently and with out pain.

My personal practice has informed my teaching style and interests. I believe in adapting the sequence and poses to the body instead of the other way around. In 2015. I took my first 200 hour training here  at a studio that supported these ideas.  I supplemented my teaching with a training specific to adapting to different body types, and a 30 hour training in restorative yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater.  I am registered and insured. If credentials interest you, mine are listed here.  I am grateful to all of my teachers along the way, but especially Jennifer Meek , Jennie Pearl, Tara Sullivan and Bear Hebert for their commitment to incorporating social justice issues into their class teachings.

Outside of the yoga I am have a letter press printing under the name Gutwrench Press producing zines,about hometowns, hand-bound journals and custom letterpress work. I also maintain many connections through a monthly postcard project called Keep Writing.

After years on different coasts including the gulf, I am excited to have returned to New Orleans.

what my students say:

"Hope is a kind and caring yoga teacher. Her focus is on making yoga accessible to all. She knows and shares a lot of modifications and is unafraid to get real. She creates a genuinely safe space in her classes. Her ready smile and infectious giggle make yoga fun!"
"As a person who has gone to other 'for all bodies' classes, I liked that this one wasn't as slow, it felt like it was for all skill levels and didn't assume fat=unskilled."
--Jesska H.
"I have appreciated your classes, and your creativity in using props. I especially liked the truly slow level of your slow class - I sometimes find the level of those classes to be a little too hard."
"I appreciate the pace, sequence of poses, modifications, and clear instructions... this was ONE of my favorite classes ever! You are wonderful!"
--Kamla B.
"I have been able to learn and explore various options of poses in your classes which have given me the tools to move into versions of poses in other classes where the instructor may not be offering verbal question for. Also, you're just really fun and that always helps make practice that much more enjoyable."
--Paul A.
"I will miss you teaching in Emeryville. You were attentive, helpful, and I dug the flow of the class and the space you created. Way to go, you definitely have a calling for teaching. "
--Gwen Santos
"Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. I like your voice. It is both encouraging and easy to understand."